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Product NameDSR8035-001
DescriptionThe Avocent DSR8035-001 KVM over IP switch, 32-port eight digital on-board Web interface support allowing direct access to target devices without additional software.

This is a benefit for companies who want an easily scalable system. DSView 3® management software can be added later as the system grows.

Adding DSView 3 software that features virtual media allows administrators to remotely load software by mapping a local removable media or mass storage device to a remote server.

This allows file transfers, application and OS patches, and diagnostic testing from a CD.

DSView 3 management software, with hub and spoke architecture, provides failover authentication. Users authenticate to a central management server (the hub) or one of 15 mirror servers (the spokes). SNMP and IPMI support are also provided.

Features and Benefits

Hardware Benefits

  • Compact, KVM over IP appliance integrates KVM, an external modem and power control in one solution

  • Includes five USB 2.0 local ports and two SPC power management ports

  • Includes dual network interfaces for failover redundancy

  • Local and remote access for at the rack and remote data center management

  • Requires login at the local port for increased security

  • Provides access to an unlimited number of servers or serial devices, no matter their location

  • Includes 32 configurable ports for maximum flexibility when connecting to servers or serial devices

  • Offers IT administrators the ability to dial into a remotely located server or serial device

  • Designed for multi-platform servers, including PS/2, Sun and USB

    DSView 3 Software Features

    • Virtual media capability allows remote loading of software for file transfers, application and OS patches and diagnostic testing

    • DSView 3 management software, with hub and spoke architecture, provides failover authentication

    • Remotely reboot the server to the BIOS level or even power cycle remote devices --- all from a single DSView 3 software interface

    • Uses the same management interface for the data center and the branch offices

    • DSView advanced security includes audit logs and the ability to assign individual user rights

      Supported by DSView 3 software.
      Sold separately.
      A USB 2.0 module and DSView 3 software required for virtual media.

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