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Selecting the Correct Shelving Server Solutions
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Select the Shelving

The next major part of the LANSTAR System is the powder coated steel shelving. LANSTAR shelves are fabricated from steel and attach to the Upright slots by using brackets with hooks that fit into the slots in the frame Uprights. The shelves are adjustable in 1" increments. LANSTAR™ has multiple shelf designs to meet the specific needs of your LAN Room.

There are three different slot mount shelf depths, for each width of frame: 16", 20" and 24". The 16" shelf is light duty shelf with tilt capability, typically used as a monitor riser shelf and to hold peripheral equipment. The 20" and 24" shelves are used to hold servers and larger equipment.

Shelf selection should be based on the equipment you need to support and the how the equipment needs to be distributed throughout the system. All shelves are designed to be used together and are adjustable in 1 inch increments throughout the height of the frame. A unique feature of LANSTAR™ is the ability to set a shelf surface at the top of the frame. This allows you to use the full height of the frame where necessary.

Because the shelf brackets are under the shelf, you will have a continuous surface to mount equipment when the shelves are mounted side-by-side at the same level. If needed, we have shelf end brackets that can be added to the side of any shelf for added safety.

To add equipment at the bottom of the unit you have several options: (1) put the equipment on the floor.; (2) Locate a slot mounted shelf at the lowest frame position, or (3) use Roll Out Floor Tower Trays.

The Roll Out Floor Tower Trays are heavy duty steel shelves with 3" heavy duty single casters as standard. The Roll Out Floor Tower Trays are 26" deep and have weight capacities based on the number and type of casters. The 24", 30" and 36" Roll Out Tower Trays have 4 casters each while, the 48" has 6 casters. The standard 3" Single Wheel Heavy Duty Caster is rated at 210 lb. per caster. This caster set can be upgraded with 3" Dual Wheel Heavy Duty Casters rated at 350 lb. per caster, resulting in a greater overall weight capacity.

The Roll Out Floor Tower Trays can be used as free standing trays or connected to the frame allowing the Roll Out Floor Tower Trays to move easily with rest of the LANSTAR™ Assembly. When joined together, they can be formed into a larger platform. The Roll Out Floor Tower Trays have been designed to be, "stand alone" units so they will not diminish from the capacity and functionality of the system.
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